Clemson University Merit Badge

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Clemson MBU scheduled for October 13th.  Cost is $12 which includes lunch.  If you want to sign up please let the scoutmaster know as most of the classes are getting full.  There are a couple of Eagle required seats still open. This is also a chance to take a fun merit badge you wouldn't otherwise take as well. If you have any questions please let the scoutmaster know.

MBPrerequisitesMin AgeSeats Avail
Architecture 101
Citizenship in the Nation* 102
Citizenship in the World* 101
Digital Technology#1 and #6; Bring Work to class107
Engineering 121
EnergyScouts should bring log from Req 4 to event1019
Fire Safety 1010
ForestryReqs #1 &5a to be at started; but finished at home127
Law 129
MedicineScouts should bring proof for Req #10 to event1214
PhotographyWill need a camera at the event124
Radio 1312
Search and Rescue 123
Signs, Signals, and CodesReq #7 cannot be completed at the CU MBU1214

2014 Troop Events (up to August)

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Mr. (Tate) Edge has recently updated the troop's calender (you can see it here) to show all of the troop activities taking place this year up to our troop's JLT in August. Here is a brief list of the activities we plan to do this year: (constantly updated)
  •  February 14-16 – Caving and a visit to the Bristol Speedway in Tennessee
  •  March 21-23 – Tallulah Gorge
  • April – Spring Camporee – Date to be determined
  • May 16-18 – Huntington Beach
  •  June 15-21 – Camp Old Indian
  •  July 6-12 – New River Gorge
  •  August 15-17 – Dreher Island for JLT
Many of these activities are lacking trip coordinators, so if you are willing to help, please contact Tate (at 420-8733) or Mr Thompson (at 295-8510).
Let's look forward to a good year of scouting!

Piedmont Christmas Parade Service Project (Dec 14)

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For those that sign up (use the sheet in the scout room or email Mr Fitzgerald " " ASAP) we will be meeting on Saturday, December the 14th at 10 AM at the Community Center in Piedmont (1 Main St Piedmont, SC 29673) to aid Whitten Center residents in seeing the parade (some are wheelchair-bound). This will be rain or shine! We will be situated up at the Piedmont Fire Department to watch the parade go by. There will also be free food provided to those that help. If you aren't a part of the parade, your help would be greatly appreciated. We hope to see many scouts there!

PS: There will be a "shopping spree" for the Christmas party gifts for our Miracle Hill Boys Home guests after the parade. The group will be leaving at 3 PM from the Bethesda parking lot.

Troop Christmas Party December 16th

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In a few weeks we will be having our annual Troop 210 Christmas Party! It will take place on Monday, December the 16th during regular meeting time (7-8 PM). Parents, if possible, should bring food (nothing too big, just things like sandwiches, drinks, etc.). There will be games as well as a gift exchange with guests from the Miracle Hill Boys Home. Every scout attending should bring two gifts of no more than $5 in cost (one for the scout troop gift exchange, one for the Miracle Hill guests). The more people there the better, so we hope to see many scouts there!
PS:There will be a "shopping spree" for the gifts for our Miracle Hill Boys Home guests after the Piedmont Parade on December 14th. The group will be leaving at 3 PM from the Bethesda parking lot.
UPDATE: At the shopping spree (and outside of that if you wish) we will also be purchasing gifts for boys' Christmas wish lists (the boys from the Miracle Hill Boys Home). Those special gifts are not limited to $5, in fact, purchases for that done at the shopping spree will be covered by the troop for up to $30.

Fall Camporee this weekend! (October 25th-27th)

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The fall "Spookeree" will be taking place this weekend of the 25th to the 27th. We will be LEAVING at 6 PM (at the scout hut) this Friday and returning this Sunday at 12:30 PM (also at the scout hut). Pack for cold weather (around 32 degrees). Happy camping!

Popcorn Orders due by November 4th

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All door-to-door popcorn orders are due by no later than November the fourth. Happy selling! =D

Knots and More Knots

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Here is a picture with some very standard knots that EVERY Scout should know!

October Spookeree (Fall Camporee)

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It's that time of year again for the fall camporee! This year's theme will be pioneering and all the requirements for the merit badge of the same name should be completed while on the camp-out. We will leave for Haygood Mill on the 25th at 6 PM and return on the 27th at 12:30 PM. Each person will need to pay $30 for the patch and meals. As usual, adult and scout permission forms are attached. If you have any questions be sure to contact Mr. Fitzgerald, before the trip of course. Happy camping!

BSA Membership Fee Increase

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The yearly fee for all registered scouts will increase from $15 to $24 effective January 1st, 2014. For those who join after the beginning of the year, the fee will be prorated at $2 per month. There may be more information to pass along soon. Also, attached is a Membership Fee Increase FAQ.

Popcorn Booth Sales

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Attached will be the most updated sign-up sheet for popcorn booth sales.

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